11 Signs You’re the Best Friend Ever

11 Signs You're a Great Best Friend

Whether you’re a mother, father, or single working professional everyone needs a best friend! I know as a busy work part-time from home mom, I miss out on a lot of the work place social interaction so it’s important I keep my best friends close, even if they’re only in my phone!

There are some people who just know how to “friend” better than others. Some BFF relationships just make the rest of us jealous because you know they have a good time together and you can tell they really care about each other. Finding a friend or a group of friends (your tribe!) can be hard to do, especially for adults. Once you find someone who just gets the whole friendship thing, you’ll want to keep them in your life.

Also, friendship is a two-way street. To find great friends, you need to be a great friend too!

How can you be the best friend ever?

1. You text them just to say you love them or miss them. Sometimes less is more and the simple text means you took time to let them know they rock!

2. You support them and listen when they need an understanding ear or shoulder on which to cry. You don’t always have to agree but solidarity in womanhood and motherhood are so important!

3. You share funny Pinterest memes with them…or maybe that’s only me. But seriously nothing makes me laugh harder and feel loved more than having a funny e-card pop up in my Pinterest messages.

4. You make time for each other–sneaking away for a night out or afternoon pedicure. Whatever gets you in each others presence gabbing and soaking in each others lives, just do it.

5. You laugh, cry, grieve, and celebrate together.  Baby’s birth, family loss, funny parenting moment, birthdays — whatever it is each of you need, you’re there right along side with them.

6. You don’t over inflate each other but support goals and keep it real with one another.

7. You can text or call them when you’re day is going down the toilet and they know exactly what you need.

8. Your relationship with your best friend builds you up and makes you want to have better relationships with others as well.

9. You don’t compete with each other, rather complement and bring out the best in each other.

10. Everything might be going wrong, but your best friend will lovingly “lie” to you and you know she really commiserates right along side you and loves you too much to tell you to suck it up.

11. You bring wine — enough said!

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Are you a great best friend? What are some things you and your best friend do for each other?

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