12 Ways to Upcycle Used Dryer Sheets

12 Ways to Upcycle Used Dryer Sheets

If you use dryer sheets with your laundry to help the static stay away and keep your laundry smelling fresh, you probably at some point or another wondered if you are creating way too much litter. You totally are if you’re using it once and then throwing it away because those soft, sweet-smellnig sheets can be used for so much more than just one load of laundry.

If you have an abundance of used dryer sheets and feel bad about throwing them away — don’t! Refold them and store the used once because there are a variety of different ways they can be upcycyled and reused for different jobs. Once you start using them (again) you’ll wonder what you did without them in the first place.

Here are 12 ways to upcycle your used dryer sheets and make them useful all over again:

1. Dusting

Those pesky floor boards of the oven fan can really use a wipe with the dryer sheet

2. Freshen up a couch

If you’ve ever had a slightly smelly couch for whatever reason, tucking in a dryer sheet between the cushions and no one would know.

3. Reduce static

If your hair is frizzing out of control, rub it with a dryer sheet and voila!

4. Calm your pup

Dogs get scared during thunderstorms but rubbing him with a dryer sheet will help ease his fears, honestly.

5. Freshen the air

Place one behind a fan and it will distribute the fresh scent across the room.

6. Repel bugs

Tuck one into your pocket and the bugs will stay away from the strong scent.

7. Repel rodents

Whether you’re bothered by mice, squirrels, or another rodent keeping dryer sheets tucked where they hang out will keep them away.

8. Clean the bathtub

No one likes to scrub the soap scum off the tub, but it’s so much easier when you use a dryer sheet.

9. Clean cleaning supplies

What? Yeah, those brooms get stinky and if you wipe the brushes with a dryer sheet it freshens it all up.

10. Luggage Freshener

If you place a few dryer sheets into your luggage when you’re storing it away, opening it up again won’t sleep bad.

11. Clean off crayon

If you have kids, chances are they’ve coloured on the wall somewhere. Scrub with a dryer sheet and it will come off with ease.

12. Remove pet hair off your clothes

If you have a pet and their fur is everywhere, you can use an old dryer sheet to pick up the hair and clean you up.

Photo credit: adapted from trekkyandy| Flickr

What are some alternative uses you’ve found for dryer sheets?

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