8 Creative Ways to Share That You’re Pregnant

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You get confirmation that you’ll be adding a “plus one” to your family and the excitement builds, the ideas start flowing and you can’t wait to share your big news with everyone you know. Sure, you could just come out-right and say “I’m pregnant” but sometimes the fun is all about how you tell someone – and creativity will have your announcement even more memorable!

Here are eight ways to share the news that you’re going to have a baby with your family and friends. While the list is endless, here’s a snippet of fun, mostly easy ways to make the announcement.

1. Make an Account

For the technology gurus out there adding your bundle of joy to the Netflix family account is a sure fire way to get some laughs. There’s nothing cuter than the “Plus Sign Add Member” to get a big smile from your tech loving family members. Fill it with movies that depict just how much your life is going to change.

2. Decorate

You find out your pregnant near the holidays and nothing says “we’re expecting” like adding a stocking to the mantle. Wait and see if anyone notices and the suspense will build!

3. Wear It

If you’re adding another child then a classic “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” shirt will surely turn get everyone’s attention. There are cute ones that you can buy or you can get creative and make your own.

4. Make a Preview

For creative folks make a movie announcement including a cutesie picture and due date!

5. Label It

For the folks who enjoy a drink every once in a while make that special announcement with a customize bottle or wine label.  At least your loved ones can enjoy the libations while you’re on an alcohol sabbatical.

6. Write It All Out

The type A’s will love this make a giant “To-Do” list to share your news – be sure to include “have a baby” at the end of your list!

7. Grab a Card

Sometimes a simple, sweet sentiment will do. Find a special card for the Dad-to-be or Grandparent-to-be and share the message along with an ultrasound picture.

8. Get Your Pet Involved

Upgrading from pet parent to human parent, have your furry friend share the news with a message. You can do a photoshoot with a sign sharing that they’re about to have a life change or make a big brother/big sister shirt for your pup!

Photo credit: adapted from Emery Co Photo | Flickr

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