8 Ways You Can Make the Spring Season Special for Kids

8 Ways You Can Make the Spring Season Special for Kids

Spring is in the air! Well almost, depending on where you live!  Whether you’re suffering from seasonal allergies with the budding of new blooms or still shoveling snow, Easter and the spring season is upon us.  In a just a couple of weeks there will colored eggs adorned with kid art, plastic eggs filled with delicious treats and baskets filled with candy and gifts. If your children are school aged then they’ll be home for a week of spring break too! Looking for fun Easter and spring break activities?

Wondering how you’ll fill all the time, well check out these spring  and Easter ideas to really kick off this new season.  Make these part of your family’s yearly tradition.

1. Bunny peep dirt cups

This recipe from A Zesty Bite is the perfect spring break Easter treat to make and enjoy with your children.  Have a food allergy or sensitivity? No problem, substitute where necessary.

2. Plant a jellybean and lollipop garden

Create magic and watch your child’s imagination go wild with this joyful jellybean activity.  Any area will do–a small space in your yard or flower pots filled with dirt to get the fun started. With your child plant the magic jellybeans in each hole and let them rest for the night.  Once your child is asleep carefully place a lollipop where each bean had been planted and when your child sees it in the morning they’ll be greeted with a fun surprise.

3. Family fun day

Plan a fun day doing something you’ll all enjoy. A day at the zoo, the water park or a picnic hike. Take a day to breath in the fresh spring air and spend time with the ones you love most.

4. Plant a garden

As long as the ground isn’t frozen where you live start your spring and summer garden. Flowers or vegetables, it doesn’t matter, get the children involved from the planning to shopping and digging.

5. Traditional Easter egg hunt

You can make this tried and true tradition as simple or as elaborate as you’d like! Fill the eggs with candy, money, socks, stickers, temporary tattoos, anything your child loves….scatter throughout your home or yard and let the kids loose.  Fun for all ages!

6. Decorate and dye eggs

Hard boil several eggs and have fun decorating with dye, crayons and stickers. Your children will love showing off their crafty work.

7. Spring crafts

Grab the pastels, crepe paper, tissue paper and pipe cleaners and start making spring themed wreaths and paper flowers. After the dark and dreary winter your walls and home will thank you for the non-wilting blooms.

8. Enjoy the warmer weather

Get outside! Play, picnic and simply enjoy the warmer temps. Go ahead soak up that vitamin D!

Photo credit: adapted from Carly & Art | Flickr


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