6 Best Song Renditions from Disney’s Frozen

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the movie Frozen by Disney, right? If not, I bet you’ve at least heard some of the mega catchy songs from the movie and if not, you may be in the minority. So many kids love the songs and well, the parents have quickly gotten used to hearing them sung out of tune int he background.

If you’re a fan of the songs like “Let it Go” or “Love is an Open Door” you’re not the only one! As with any awesome song, people have taken to YouTube to put on their own renditions of the hit songs — whether they take on an interesting lipsync or use their own voice — they are a lot of fun.

In honor of the movie being released on Blu-ray this week here are our picks for best fan renditions:

1. “Let It Go” — 21 Different Voices

2. “Let It Go” — Mr. Freeze

3. “Love is an Open Door” — Good Looking Parents

4. “Let It Go” — Classroom Instruments

5. “Let It Go” — Violin Cover

6. “Let It Go” — Vivaldi Mash

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