DIY Thanksgiving Bunting Banner (+ Free Printable)

DIY Thanksgiving Bunting Banner (+ Free Printable)

If you are looking for an easy way to make your store bought pumpkin pie look extra special for your Thanksgiving feast this simple printable do-it-yourself will transform your dessert into the perfect grand finale. It’s easy enough for even novice crafters to complete, but has just the right home touch to make your Thanksgiving table stand out and wow your dining guests.

Check out the how-to below and don’t forget to grab your free printable below too!


  • Thanksgiving Bunting Template
  • 2 Bamboo skewers
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • Double sided tape or a glue stick (optional)


Step 1

Download and print the Thanksgiving Bunting Template and cut out all the individual flag.

Step 2

Fold all the flags in half along the marked line.

Step 3

Insert the bamboo skewers on either side of the thanksgiving pie or cake.

Step 4

Tie a piece of twine onto both bamboo skewers.

Step 5

Tie a second piece of twine onto both bamboo skewers that is slightly lower than the first piece of twine.

Step 6

Place the flags spelling “give” on the upper piece of twine and the flags spelling “thanks” on the lower piece of twine.

The flags will hold on the flag, but if you need to transport the cake or pie you can help secure the flags in place by place a small piece of double sided tape or a dab of glue from a glue stick between the front and back layer at the bottom tips.

Would you like a free printable to make this yourself? Download it right here!

What type of pie will you be serving this Thanksgiving? Share in the comments!

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