Everything You Need to Know to Survive Pregnancy

Everything You Need to Know to Survive Pregnancy

Those two pink lines show up on that pregnancy test and you immediately beginning planning out the next nine months — at least I did. Pregnancy can be really challenging even if you’ve been through the whole thing before because dealing with everything from your changing shape, all-day sickness, and the energy you can’t seem to find is not easy, ever.

Whether you have other kids at home or not there are some essentials to help you survive the next nine months.

Hit the hay.

You will be tired. It’s a given,  so do your best to catch a few z’s during the day or hit the hay early so you’re not left feeling like the walking dead while working (whether outside or inside the home) the next day. I never felt horrible after a nap.

Keep the medication handy.

You’re not one of the lucky ones who escaped morning/night/all day sickness. Your doctor has given you the green light to take something to help with the nausea. Do yourself a favor and keep those meds handy. Don’t try to chase the problem, be proactive and take your anti-nausea meds before you’re hugging the toilet.

Snacks are your new BFF.

Keeping your stomach a little full at all times can help with the nausea in mild/moderate morning sickness cases. Besides helping ward off the crummy feeling you are growing another little being and your body needs the fuel. You may not feel like a big meal or food aversions may make it difficult to eat a well balanced diet but snacking throughout the day will get you through the tough parts of the day. I never left the house without crackers!

Elastic waistbands.

I know it’s hard to give up your cute clothes and spend the money on new maternity clothes, but don’t squeeze yourself into jeans and clothes that make you feel like a stuffed sausage casing. Embrace the full panel and the elastic waistbands. Your comfort surpasses the need to brag about still fitting into your size 4 jeans at  7 months pregnant.  You don’t have to look frumpy to feel comfortable.

Get Moving.

I know this one might be tough for some who feel sick or just can’t squeeze in another thing in their schedule but I promise you’ll feel energized and less stiff if you move a little each day. It might be a quick walk around your neighborhood, twenty minutes on the treadmill at the gym or your favorite prenatal yoga class. Whatever it is just keep moving, maintain your muscle strength and prepare your body for labor.

Don’t forget your partner.

Pregnancy can put strain on a relationship and intimacy can take a back burner but do your best to keep that spark alive. Make time to connect with you partner whether it’s a lunch date, movie night or simply relaxing together in a quiet house with no other distractions.  Whether this is your first baby or your adding to your brood, life will change again once new baby arrives. Enjoy the time now.

On call.

Don’t be afraid to call your doctor or the nurse line. If you’re unsure about something or don’t feel right it can bring on added stress and worry–which isn’t good for mom or baby. No concern is too silly. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing!

There are so many different things we can do to survive our pregnancies, after all each pregnancy is different.

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Is there something you’ve done to make it through the nine months? Share your tips in the comments!

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