Pro Tips on Planting Your Cell Pack Annuals

Pro Tips on Planting Your Cell Pack Annuals

Cell packs are convenient and easy containers for annuals that are common to find at any garden center. You can typically get four to six plants per cell pack in easy-to-grow flowers such as petunias, marigolds or wax begonias. Surprisingly, the plants you can find in cell packs are usually very small and on the fragile side when it comes to flowers — so how you handle them can make all the difference in the appearance of your garden.

Here are some tips on how to best handle annual cell packs to maximize your garden’s “wow” potential:

1. Water

Water the plant cells either the night before or a few hours before you plan to plant. The soil should be moist not wet.

2. Clear the area

When you are ready to start planting, clear the area you want to work in of any weeds or leaves.

3. Handle with care

Remove the plants from the cell packs by gently squeezing the pack on the sides. Turn it upside down and slide the plant out of the cell.

4. Read

Place each plant on top of the soil where you plan to plant them. There will be instructions on the tag of the cell pack with suggested distances to place the plant, usually six to `12 inches apart.

5. Size matters

Dig a hole in the location you want the plant the plant to grow. Make the hole about the same size as the cell pack and place in the garden ensuring it’s no deeper than the cell pack.

6. Make it stand

Gently tap the soil around the plant once it’s in the soil so it stands upright.

7. Water, again

Once its planted, water thoroughly.

8. Maintain

Remove any spent blooms regularly as this encourages the plant to bloom more.

Photo credit: Rhonda McGuinness

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