Spring 2014 Nail Color Trends You’ll Love

Spring 2014 Nail Color Trends to Jump On

If I had to choose a favorite season, it wouldn’t be a difficult choice for me. I am a spring person through-and-through — I was born in the spring, I love the rainy cool, but not cold weather. I also love the season for fashion, makeup, hair, and nail trends because it seem to be the season that embraces trying something new and taking chances. If you’re looking to make your manicure stand out, choose the right colors and textures and you’ll catch eyes for all the good reasons.

1. Mint Green — Fiver by Butter London

Even if green isn’t your thing, this color is versatile enough for any style. You can wear it to the office and it will work flawlessly for date night.

Want it? Find it at Butter London, $15.

2. Cotton Candy Glitter — Cotton Candy Crush by Nubar

Glitter isn’t just for 8-year olds — at least I don’t feel that way. If you want a little grown-up sparkle, this is a perfect choice.

Want it? Find it at Nubar, $8.

3. Radiant Orchard — Molly Coddled by Butter London

It’s the color of last season, but it’s a gorgeous shade that I think works wonders for spring as well. It’s one of those colors that goes with everything else which is a huge bonus.

Want it? Find it at Butter London, $15.

4. Orange — Orange You Going to the Game by OPI

Spring is when the weather starts perking up and the sun starts shining in. We also get a lot of rain so on those days the sun isn’t shining — make it bright with your orange nails.

Want it? Get it from Nail Polish Canada, $9.95.

5. Blue/Green Shimmer — Naughty Nautical by Essie

Who ever said blue and green don’t go together totally missed this product because it’s a perfect blend of the two.

Want it? Get it from Essie, $8.50.

What is your go-to nail color? Share in the comments!

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