There’s a New Dairy-Free Alternative In Town!


When you have food restrictions and kids, coming up with alternatives that don’t make your kids feel left out can be a challenge. But, when you find that one that your kids love and you, as a parent, love too — it’s like finding gold!

Silk, who is known for their amazing dairy-free milk alternatives, hit gold again with their NEW Silk Creamy Cashew, which is now available in Canada! It’s made with creamy cashews and not only is it delicious, it’s a great healthy alternative to milk with all the benefits! It contains just as much calcium without all the calories of milk and has the right amount of vitamin D.

My kids love to eat cereal in the morning and since taking them off milk all together, we’ve struggled with finding an alternative that they will accept for their daily breakfast routine. I poured the Silk Creamy Cashew into their favourite bowl of cereal last week and not only did they eat their whole bowl with no complaints — they asked for seconds (and thirds.. they’re growing!).

Since it was such a hit with the kids, Silk Creamy Cashew now holds the prized spot of being our “milk alternative” for everything in our kitchen. I’ve used it cup-for-cup in many of our daily recipes from gluten-free biscuits, soups, cake, and mashed potatoes.

Silk Creamy Cashew is available in Canada now and if you’re looking for a dairy-alternative, I encourage you to give this one a try! Use the product locator on their website to find which store near you carries this great product and don’t forget to share your thoughts on Silk’s Facebook Page!

What is your child’s favourite cereal in the mornings? Share in the comments!

This is a sponsored conversation written by byDevan on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are of the author.

Photo credit: Devan McGuinness