You’ve Been Cutting Grapes All Wrong!

lifehack the only way to cut grapes

I am a fan of grapes and guess what, so are my kids. Any parent knows that these delicious circled fruits are awesome, but also wickedly scary if you have young kids. Why? They’re the perfect size and shape to get stuck in your kids throats.

It’s suggested by like everyone that to keep the kids eating the healthy fruit, but not risk choking, you cut then in half. Doing so, they’re not the size of their esophagus and no longer as much of a threat to their safety. This means, every parent who follows that advice has been meticulously cutting grapes in half. The chore itself, yes it’s a chore, is a big con for giving kids grapes.

But, apparently all us parents are totally silly and have been doing it wrong all along. There’s a much easier way to cut grapes, and you can do handfuls at a time in like 5 seconds.


Photo credit: adapted from  tribp | Flickr

Did this blow your mind? I bet your kids will be eating more grapes this summer. 

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