You’ve Been Eating Pistachio Nuts All Wrong, Until Now!

Pistachio Nuts are like one of the best things to eat for a variety of reasons. They’re obviously incredibly delicious, they’re healthy, they’re delicious (did I say that already), but there is only one downfall to the nut.

They’re not really easy to open. You have to wait until it’s the perfect ripeness so that it won’t break your nails when you try your hardest to peel the shell apart only to ruin your manicure.

Well, all of that is in the past because thanks to Travels in India, London & the UK on YouTube, shows us all the correct way to eat pistachio nuts making the whole snack on process oh so much easier.

Take a look:


Photo credit: adapted from RLHyde | Flickr

Mind Blown? Mine is!

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